Specialist Will Writing in Surrey

Why should I make a will?

If you would like to control what happens to your money, property and personal possessions when you die, however much or little you think you have, then you should make a will. If you don’t then you will die ‘intestate’. This means that your estate will pass to beneficiaries in accordance to the Rules of Intestacy, and it is worth bearing in mind that these rules were created in 1925 – a time very different to the way we live today.

Yes, it can be a daunting exercise making a will, however Wendy believes you are more likely to find it easier to keep it updated once you have got the first one ‘out of the way’.

Do I really need a Will?

Wendy would always advise any adult to make a Will, regardless of their personal circumstances. It is estimated that more than 60% of the UK adult population do not have one. And yes, before you ask, Wendy has one too.

At the very least you can:

  • choose who you would want to administer your estate for you
  • choose an age past the age of 18 when children can inherit from you
  • make provisions for guardians should both parents with parental responsibility die before the children are adults
  • make your funeral wishes known
  • include gifts to friends, step-children, unmarried partners, distant relatives and charities

Already have a will?

After you have made a will, it is important that you review it regularly (at least once every five years) and, in particular, after any significant changes in your life, for example (but not an exhaustive list), entering into a new relationship, cohabiting, relationship breakdown, marriage/civil partnership, change in financial circumstances, having children or grandchildren.


We charge a fee for the initial meeting to discuss your instructions and advise you accordingly and this costs £275 for a single person or £300 for a couple. If, following the meeting, you require us to draft a will (or Codicil) on your behalf, then the fee for drafting starts from £225 per will, which would be for a very basic will (or Codicil). Depending on how complex the terms of each Will needs to be, the fee for drafting may increase to reflect your individual requirements. 

Therefore, if your instructions would be fairly straightforward and on the basis of simple wills, the total fee would be as follows:

Single Will: from £500 plus VAT 

Mirror Wills (pair of wills for a couple): from £750 plus VAT

*Fees correct as of February 2023 and may be subject to change at anytime. Fees quoted above are for straightforward instructions, if your instructions would be more complex or require the use of trusts then a revised quotation will be provided.

Please contact Wendy for a quotation based on your requirements. Rest assured, Wendy will make the process straightforward and easy to understand.