Funeral Planning in Surrey

Planning for your funeral in advance is fast becoming an essential financial provision for the future and every bit as important as making a will. Not only does a funeral plan help to make your final wishes known but it also provides your family with financial protection and support at a difficult time.

Whilst it could be a difficult thing to consider, it can a very positive acton to take, to reflect on your life and the send off you’d like. Planning in advance will help remove the emotional burden and some of the financial worry from your next of kin at a time in their lives when they are least able to cope.

Furthermore, funeral wishes within a will are not legally binding – fact. Without a funeral plan in place there are a number of potential problems that can occur. In some cases, immediate family may have to ‘find’ the money to pay for the funeral themselves before being reimbursed later from your estate or your wishes may not be adhered to as you would have wanted.

The right funeral plan can offer great value too by paying today’s prices, not the future cost when you die, which helps to pass on more inheritance to your family by your will.

There are a number of funeral plan providers currently in the market place, however Wendy only chooses to recommend a British company who has the UK’s largest and most secure trust fund – a fully funded, independent trust fund – to protect your money right up until the time it is needed at death.

Please contact Wendy who will be pleased to recommend a funeral plan that is right for you.